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11 Min 53 Sec |

2D Animation | Drama

A Story of Love and Loss

FLOCKY is an animated allegory navigating pregnancy, exploring the connection between a mother and her unborn child. Set in a melancholic and enchanting world, the film beautifully captures the essence of love, and the poignant nature of loss.

FLOCKY is a poignant animated allegory that explores pregnancy by unraveling the profound connections between a mother and her unborn child. 


Against a background of evolving winter tones, the film beautifully captures the shared journey of the characters as envisioned by the mother. Each scene reflects a moment in pregnancy — playing in the snow, putting the child to sleep, dancing, laughing — all without uttering a word. Mirroring a mother's daily experience, FLOCKY guides viewers through the emotional spectrum accompanying the flow of life, concluding with the emotions that follow the loss of FLOCKY. In this way, this visual symphony invites audiences to witness the transformative power of love and the indomitable spirit of the human experience by navigating the profound essence of life, and death.


With this film, Esther Casas Roura, FLOCKY’s director, wants to address the pressing issue of stillbirth in the USA, a current health crisis with over 21,000 annual cases. Despite these alarming figures, stillbirth remains shrouded in stigma and shame. Many women who lose a baby in pregnancy can go on to develop mental health issues that last for months or years or are never cured. FLOCKY aims to break the silence surrounding stillbirth, fostering a much-needed dialogue to bring about societal change. As Esther reiterates: “If we don't start talking about it, we'll never change this crucial issue."

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